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Hello, and thank you for your inquiry into our Services.Our local routine service out of our Mount Vernon, Washington office starts out at $65.00 - Depending on the time frame, the type of documents to be served, the number of defendants to be served, whether it is a residence or if it is the POE, if sub-service is allowed, age restrictions, and the restraints from receiving or forwarding U.S. states for the process of service. If we create the declaration, affidavit or the return of service, or if the document referrer creates it to their states specifications, ect...
We start our local routine service of process and have our first attempt made within 48 hours after receiving the legal documents.

We offer five attempts total.

  • One attempt prior to 9:00 am.
  • One attempt between 12:00 pm and 5:00 pm.
  • One attempt after 5:00 pm.
  • Two attempts at the servers discretion within the time frame stated. Usually no more than two attempts on the same day unless the attempts are at least 6 hours apart.
We would include the notary in our $65.00 fee since it is in our local service area.

Our Large Volume customers enjoy the benefit of our Unlimited Attempts for their Process of Service documents - Call us for more information.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you,
Timothy Sullivan -

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Hello. We are located in Mount Vernon, Washington. United States of America
Call us for a free price quote to suit your specific process of service needs.
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Hello, I'm Stephanie. How can I help you?

We provide Service of Process
The Service of your legal documents for a reduced rate.
- Process Service- Corporate Civil Process- Summons and Complaints- Subpoenas- Small Claims- Family Law Documents- Child Support- Restraining Orders- Eviction Documents- Foreclosure posting- Declaration / Affidavits- Judgment Recovery- Sales Crying- Paper Filing and Document Retrieval at Local Courts- Skip Tracing- Record and Document Retrieval- Messenger Service- Referrals to Other State and Nation Wide Agencies

Our Process Service
First and foremost, your time-sensitive legal documents are in reliable hands when you work with our professional process servers. Our speed and accuracy ensure that your papers will reach their destination on time.
When you hire a process server to deliver your legal documents, you have every right to expect professionalism and reliability, as well as effective communication to keep you updated on the status of the assignment. We understand your expectations, and we strive to exceed them each and every time we work with you.
Whether you collaborate with us on one assignment or you have thousands of documents for us to serve, you’ll find that we complete the job diligently and quickly. Our process servers are highly experienced and operate under the highest of professional and ethical standards. They handle each unique case with success in mind because getting the job done correctly the first time is better for you and better for the person receiving the documents.
Contact us today and one of our professional process servers will gladly answer any questions you have.

Company News

February 18th, 2016
To allow our clients to transmit and receive secure documents with Tri County Process Service, we have added a secure Client Portal. Please go to: NEW CLIENT PORT NOW and register as a New Client...

Once we are notified, we will immediately activate your Client Account

February 15th, 2016
The Washington’s Birthday public holiday is more commonly referred to as Presidents Day in the United States and is dedicated to honoring George Washington, the first president of the United States. It is considered to be the first public holiday declared specifically to celebrate the life and accomplishments of one individual. As a federal holiday, Washington’s Birthday gives non-essential federal employees the opportunity to take a day off in observance of the holiday. Schools are also closed and there is no postal service on this date. Most businesses stay open during the Presidents Day holiday.

February 10th, 2016
Valentine's Day, 2016 is right around the corner.. Please! No drinking and driving. Call one of us here at Tri County Process and we'll call you a cab and PAY FOR IT, Its the least we can do for all of our family, friends, clients, employees and our neighbors. Please take our helping advice this comming Special Day!

January 30th, 2016
Oh no - here we go!

Time to get on the stick and get our billing submitted ASAP so we can pay our personel! Whip and Chains are now the norm.. Get used to IT!

January 21st, 2016
The Boss is going in for surgery and will be out of the office for 2 weeks! As we begin to sweat uncontrobably, we are almost certain that we will survive this coming hit by our favorite "Uncle Tim" and joyfully await his return...NOT

January 18th, 2016
The Martin Luther King, Jr holiday is held to observe the birthday of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. is Today...Anyone who shows up at the office today should remember! ( It's MONDAY, Martin Luther King, Jr Day is a federal holiday AND WE'LL OBSERVE ALONG WITHTHE REST OF THE COUNTRY - GO BACK HOME AND WE'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW...

January 9th, 2016
St. Patrick's Day 2016 Party plannning is already on the Blog.... Time to read about what the office crew plans to do and learn that we are all "normal" folks... We just get a little carried away with the GREEN in Daddy's blood!

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